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Sevigny Westdal LLP

Sevigny Westdal is a labour and employment law firm that provides a wide range of specialized legal services to both employer and employee clients. The firm is small and focused by design, to reflect an unwavering commitment to the provision of personal, timely and cost-effective representation. At the same time, with more than forty years of combined experience in the labour and employment law field, the firm’s founding partners are regularly called upon to represent clients in the most sophisticated of workplace disputes. Sevigny Westdal is guided by the philosophy that workplace legal issues are unique – both in complexity and sensitivity – and therefore require a delicate balance of expertise, experience and results-oriented pragmatism. While we do not hesitate to advocate forcefully for our clients’ rights and interests when such action is warranted, we never lose sight of our clients’ personal priorities, or their interest in an effective and efficient approach to their workplace problems. Whether we are litigating, mediating or negotiating on our clients’ behalf, or advising clients on preventive maintenance strategies, this philosophy remains fundamental to our approach, and contributes significantly to our impressive record of client results and satisfaction.